Saturday, February 18, 2012

My Junkin' Journey for February

Well Friends I set out on my journey today by myself and visited some estate sales. I was also intrigued to stop by our local Antique store the "The Antique Mall" on Broadway in the heart of Santa Maria, California. I picked up some good finds at the estate sale like lace edge milk glass platter, donut cutter and silver handled tray. But the best was the items pictured here which were found at our very own Antique Mall! Love them, the color is right up my alley and they are both in really good condition. I had a really good day today and just enjoyed myself alot. Will share some more treasures a little later, bye for now.


Paula Dinh said...

Cindy I love those lamps. They fit in right with my decor. That was a great find. I never think of those kind of things junk just "little treasures" Thanks for posting the pics...LOVE IT!

Red Headed Farm Chick said...

Good to hear from you! Love the lamps and other items I picked up and I hope to go again once the rain stops dampening my treasure hunts. Take Care and thanks for posting