Wednesday, May 16, 2012

GLUE ARTS for SALE at Cynthia Silva Designs

Hey Everyone,
I have made a decision to slowly ease into selling my kits and product favorites that I use on my projects online.  So here is the first of my favs to share with you.  GLUE ARTS is an amazing product but hard to find in the retail stores around me on the Central Coast.  Those that carry it do not restock it in a timely manner and when you ask about special orders it is crazy, they look at you like you are talking to them in a foreign language.  I am all about customer service, and what better way to get you the products YOU WANT! at a resonable price, which I am happy to do.

My first shipment should be hitting my door step in 3-5 days, so watch for an update.  I will be carrying the multi-directional refill cartridges of the 40 foot PERMA TAC, LOVE IT!!!!!!  It handles most all my projects with ease.  Regular retail price is $8.99 each and I will be selling them at $6.99 plus tax.

I will also post some other GLUE ARTS products that will be available for you in the near future to purchase and some of my layouts & projects I have used perma tac on too.  So watch for upcoming kits and other product favs and have a great evening.

Thank you,

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Red Headed Farm Chick said...

Hey everyone almost forgot the adhesive is in and can ship ASAP.

Will cost $6.99 + tax (does not include Flat Rate Shipping $3.45)

Don't forget this product, when you can find it is $8.99 + tx in stores.

Let me know how many you want. I personally accept Visa/Mastercard, so email me and I will get back to you within 24 hours, thanks.