Sunday, July 22, 2012

BIG Thank You!

When Amanda started her lamb project this year she wasn't sure how she would do or whether she would have a buyer, because last year was a mess due to some new breed calling rules the fair put in place.  But she looked to the future and learned from that challenge and still wanted to take a lamb this year, I am very proud of her for that.  She worked so hard at showmanship practice and even took the exhibitor test and WON!  Over all the other kids in her age division and for someone who does not eat, sleep and dream sheep but enjoys her 4-5 months raising and learning about sheep each year, that is not an easy accomplishment, so hats off to you young lady.

Anyways a BIG Thank You goes out her buyer at the auction who was their in the end for my little girl, since she sold # 864 out of 922 sheep, which makes for a long day. 

The Suprinski Family, Duain, Lindamae, Enzo & Ethan - You have touched our hearts during this crazy time of uncertainty and let a little girl know by your generosity, that her hardwork didn't go to waste.  Thanks again~ The Silva Family

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