Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Cayucos by the Sea

Well, I said I would keep you up to date on my new found adventure with Junkin'. Last weekend I participated in an Antique and collectibles show in Cayucos, California. It was a great time and I think I made alot of people happy with the things I brought, which were my mom's treasures she had collected over the years. The best thing that sold was an art deco designed oak magazine rack, which was purchased by a wonderful lady Laurene. There was something about her and her friends when I talked with them that I just knew it was going to a great home. Among the other things that sold were...vintage linens, books, glassware, mason jars and baskets. My family Joey, Mason & Amanda were real troopers, but most of all I need to Thank my good friend Mary, she is always there when I need her, cuz' getting up at 2:30 am for me means alot. Well as soon as I figure out how to get pictures of the booth off my cell phone I will post them. I got lots of compliments on the look of the booth and I think mom would have been proud!

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